'Supermodel' Pups Need a Home

Ava and Araceli are loving Chihuahua-Miniature Pincher 'designer dogs.'

Ava and Araceli were surrendered through no fault of their own. Their 85-year-old former owner was forced into a nursing home, and then her family took her five beloved Chihuahuas to a kill shelter to be put to sleep. Luckily, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue saved these sweet girls and their brothers the very morning that was scheduled to happened.

Araceli, who is seven months old and about seven pounds of sheer joy and love, possesses a shining and gregarious personality. She loves to cuddle and insists on following her "person" everywhere. She is a real survivor – facing death while battling a terrible bout of the deadly parvovirus. Then, just when her immune system was at its weakest, she developed a severe upper-respiratory infection which nearly took her life.
After fighting bravely for her life and with the love of her human angels and excellent vet care, she recovered fully and is now a healthy and incredibly happy little girl. She will suffer no residual health effects from her illnesses. Little Araceli is very active and has a big appetite. After her illnesses, she gained two pounds in only two months.

Ava, the second bundle of love in this duo, is approximately 2-3 years old. She is also seven pounds of pure sweetness - complete with a wonderful, funny little face. She is a big snuggler and loves to be with her "person," but is also up for playing a game at any time. She loves the back yard and will chase (and bring back) a ball or frisbee for hours at a time.
She loves her foster family deeply but can be a bit shy around new people.  Recently, however, she cuddled up to a visiting male relative, much to the delight of everyone. Her trust for people has grown as her confidence has risen, and she has taken exposure to new situations extremely well. 

Ava likes for her foster dad to carry her around in her "pouch" and is very comfortable being close. Just one look in this precious girl's eyes tells everyone how grateful Ava is to be safe and protected. Ava's heart is so big that she literally stopped eating when her baby, Araceli, was taken away and hospitalized. 

In their former home, these two little dogs were never allowed outside to play on real grass so frolicking outdoors is a wonderful adventure for them. The girls are diligently working to be completely house trained by the time they go to their forever home, and they are quick to learn and listen. 

Ava and Araceli will need additional leash training and are working on learning basic commands. When they came to their foster home they did not know what grass, stairs or even leashes were. They come when called, and are very eager to please.

This beautiful pair get along well with two other small dogs (male and female) in their foster home. They will sometimes bark a bit at neighborhood cats, but it is doubtful they would try to confront a cat in a new home. Ava or Araceli are gentle as can be. Both girls are Chihuahua-Miniature Pincher "designer" dogs, and would do best with a securely fenced back yard where they can run and play. They should not be left alone for long periods of time as they are not currently crate-trained.

Ava and Araceli are closely bonded due to losing their home, their owner, and siblings all in one day, so would do best being adopted together as a pair.  You rarely see one without the other one close by.  They snuggle, groom and sleep with each other and are "joined at the hip." These lovely pooches are at their happiest when around each other.
Ava and Araceli's foster family love them very much and hope the lucky family who adopts them will enjoy them as much as they have. Both dogs are spayed, up-to-date on shots and vetting, and ready to go to their loving "furever" home.

If you are interested in meeting or adopting these precious babies, you may contact their foster, Christina, by email a tbreitigirl@gmail.com, or you may contact Angels Among Us Pet Rescue directly by sending an email to adopt@angelsrescue.org. You can follow Angels at at www.facebook.com/angelsrescue and visit the website at www.angelsrescue.org.

William Osborne August 12, 2012 at 01:53 PM
Suggestion: I live here in Cherokee county--no small dog like a chihuahua or chihuahua mix should EVER be left outside unprotected in a fenced yard. To a bird of prey, and we have quite a few of them here, they are not dogs: they are lunch!


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