Cocker Spaniel Seeking Home for Christmas

Charlie was kept in dark basement for 13 years.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue is looking for a very special person or family for Charlie, a lovely 13-year-old Cocker Spaniel.

Angels participated in the rescue of Charlie, who was originally acquired by a couple for their granddaughter. Once the granddaughter lost interest in her new puppy, Charlie was banned to a room in the basement, and only received human companionship when he was fed.

The room was kept dark, and Charlie was never allowed outside. Fortunately, a Good Samaritin discovered Charlie's plight, and convinced the elderly couple to relinquish Charlie to Angels. He was immediately taken to a veterinarian, where he was evaluated and provided essential medical care.

He is now in a temporary foster home, and all involved in his rescue are fervently hoping that Charlie will receive the best Christmas present he could possibly receive: a forever home. 

Angels volunteers have all marvelled at how resilient Charlie has proven to be. He is almost beside himself with joy at being outside and in a regular home. He is surprisingly energetic for a 13-year-old dog, and hopefully he has many good years ahead of him.

He's a tad timid with new people, but as soon as he realizes he can trust someone he turns turns into a wiggling bundle of kisses. He is a super sweet dog, and will shower his new family with all his love and gratitude.

He seems to like other dogs (sadly, the dog in his foster home doesn't return the sentiment), and may do well in a household that already has a dog. Of course, Charlie's new owner or owners will need to realize that he will need to receive the same type of attention that a puppy does, and he will need to be housetrained.

He would do best in a home where someone is around most of the time, and where he is not left alone for long periods of time. 

If interested in adopting Charlie, please contact Lisa at 403-895-3999 for more information and/or to request an adoption application. 

All of Angels' dogs are tested for heartworm disease, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and are microchipped.

Deborah Smith December 27, 2011 at 12:44 PM
Sweet Charlie, who was kept in a dark room most of his life, still needs a loving home! (And he's coming along great with his housetraining!)


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