School Projects Advance to State Competition

State festival to be held April 27.

On March 16 more than 285 students showcased their original media productions at the 2012 Fulton County Student Media Festival at Webb Bridge Middle School. Students entered media projects in several categories: animation, live action, interactive stills, sequential stills, web sites podcasts and photo essays. Entries also were categorized according to their purpose, such as story-telling, informational, documentary, instructional, persuasive/PSA or entertainment. 

When awarding scores, judges looked for excellence in production, writing, creativity, organization, technical quality, use of resources, relevance and impact. Those scoring 96 or higher were rated ‘Superior’ and now advance to the Georgia Student Media Festival, to be held April 27 at Clayton State University.

Below is the list of projects that now advance to the state competition:

School Name



Alpharetta HS

Give Plants a Chance

Christopher McGrue

Banneker HS

If I Don't Graduate

DeJour McKnight; Akeem Mayes; JaQuawnWoods; Gregory Scttt; Jamal Moore; Destin McDaniel; Wesley Adams

Centennial HS


Zack Hosseini

Centennial HS

Austin Gets His License

Zack Hosseini

Centennial HS

Thunderstruck Trailer

Zack Hosseini

Centennial HS

Free and Reduced-Price Lunch

Zack Hosseini

Centennial HS

Lightsaber Short

Ryan Mitchell

Cliftondale ES


Jaala Stokes

Cliftondale ES

The Life of Leadership

N'Kira Hailey

Crabapple Crossing ES

Our Erda

Shreya Ramesh; Pranar Viswanadha

Crabapple Crossing ES

Amazing Ocean Animals

Pranav Athimuthu

Crabapple Crossing ES

Help Endangered Species

Smera Dhal, Angela Scaria

Creek View ES

Global Warming

Aryan Arora

Creek View ES

Blue Springs' Manatees

Paige Dunmire

What's New at the Book Review?

Kota Gray; Makena Maple; Elyssa Gainey; Lucy Panettiere, N'Kayla Headen;KevinPessoa; Lauren DiGiovanni; Leslie Zuniga

Frank McClarin HS


Darnisha Clark

Fulton Science Academy MS

Let us Play with MS Paint

Abhisri Ramesh

Fulton Science Academy MS

Stickman and the Key of Life, Version 2

Araneesh Pratap

Fulton Science Academy MS

A Loyal Friend

Radha Panchap

Fulton Science Academy MS

Academy of the Arctic Arts

Alexander Atchison

Fulton Science Academy MS

Microbe Mystery

Siri Choragudi

Fulton Science Academy MS

Stop Bullying

Neeti Shirke

Fulton Sunshine Academy ES

Two Mice and a Dragon

Vinod Ruppa-Kasani

Fulton Sunshine Academy ES

Olivia's Paint Project

Olivia Keeley

Fulton Sunshine Academy ES

About Pandas

Kaya Chun

Heards Ferry ES

Ten Commandments of Football

Garrett Barton; Mitchell Davidson; AlexGruenig

Heards Ferry ES

New Books

Grant Witczak; Mark Trigg, Jr.

Heards Ferry ES

Sushi Training Media

Sasha Cottrell

Heards Ferry ES


Mark Trigg, Jr.

Heritage ES

The Hunter's Moon

Darion Rawls, Jael Davis, Jaya White,Mariama Bah, Monique Smith, Jade Darden, Woury Diagne

Hopewell MS

My Summer Trip to Clayton & Ellijay

Nikhil Havanur

Ison Springs ES

A Journey Through Black History

Asia Lamar; Semaj Owes; Sacha Chindiwo;Jailen Taylor; Mia Tyson; Imani Busari; Haley Pickelsimer; Alexander Redd; TristanNyoike; Ernest Lampkin; Daniel Campos; Hampton Douglas

The Portal

Anokhi Parikh; Emily Couch

Sending the Right Message

David Burgh; Christina Schmitt

Return of the Jaywalker

Evan McGillivray;Bryan Washington; BeckHeigl

Sticks and Stones

Kartik Kini; Blis Savidge; Chase Cappai

Rose Colored Room

Taylor Moran


Jennifer Song

Sad Song

David Burgh; Christina Schmitt; Michelle Li

Cyber Scandal

Samantha Van Sickle; Sydney Korshak; Shelby Slauer

Lenah's Light

David Burgh; Tavis Vannucci

The Road Not Taken

Zach Willard

Life of Martha Jo Katz

Reed Turry; Moe Williams

Lydia's Diary

Nicki Ruggles

Is it Okay to Ban Gay Marriage?

Amanda Puchalla; Meghan Williamson

All About Space

Srija Sengupta

Iran vs. Iraq War

Honeiah Karimi


Ryan Hopkinson; Lacey Brown; TasheemHuda

Chap Stick Clay Saves the Day

Clay Chenery; Ethan Barrentine; Chase Beckman; Tanner Hawkins

Northwestern MS

Come to Panama

Reese MacMillan

Science Explorer

Sidhesh Desai


Shriya Kondur

Philip Randolph ES

Internet Safety (Are You a Safe Internet Browser)

Kendall Henry

Philip Randolph ES

Autobiography of Nile Bennett

Nile Bennett

Renaissance MS

All About Me Project

Crystian Crump

Riverwood International Charter

I Know My Rights

Alexus Nelson; Addae Fudge; Kelsey Kraft; Jessica Fuller; Jade Ferguson

Riverwood International Charter

To Sally, Love Jack

Mackenzie Fuller

Riverwood International Charter

Nightmare on Raider Drive

Carisa Urrea; Inaya Alexander; Spencer Lundy; Micah Benveniste

Riverwood International Charter

Special K

Gina Karseboom; Riginald Levy; Michael Starr; Austin Henderson

Webb Bridge MS

It is Our Earth

Betty Yu

Webb Bridge MS


Cecilia Gonzalez

Woodland MS

A Beautiful Day

Joshua Rich



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