Mustang Museum at Medlock Bridge Elementary

For much of the remainder of the school year, in Johns Creek is hosting a Traveling Museum for its students – the “Mustang Museum.” 

The museum will feature works by Claude Monet until March 30. These large reproductions will serve as a catalyst to development of higher-order thinking skills, in-depth inquiry and creative thinking.

MBES students from kindergarten to fifth grade will visit the museum and, with guidance from their teachers, will explore everything from artistic expression to geography and even finance using activities and ideas inspired by the paintings. 

In April, Vincent Van Gogh’s intense colors and bold brush strokes will take residence in the Mustang Museum to inspire these students to think and learn about art.

The MBES PTA funded this opportunity, which was inspired by art teacher English Avery.

Claude Monet will be at the museum until March 30, and Vincent Van Gogh will arrive on April 23 and stay until May 4.


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