It's 'Pi' Day at Dolvin!

Well, it’s 3.14 and the fifth-grade team at Dolvin Elementary in Johns Creek is serving pie and teaching about Pi. Confused? ... don’t be, today is 3.14, which is the mathematical notation for Pi. So what do the homophones Pi and pie have in common? 

Ask “Pi” teachers Ms. King, Ms. Huber, Ms. Campbell, Ms. Townsend, Ms. Pratt, Mrs. Ducray, Mrs. Allie, Mrs. Scaff and Ms. Horn – they will tell you that the calendar date of March 14 is also the designation for 3.14. 

Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and pie is a delicious dessert. Come to think of it, Pi is the topic across the curriculum from math to language arts. In fact, the teachers recommend the book Sir Cumference and the Pi Dragon. 

They are also adding reading, writing and research to the Great Dolvin Pi Pie Project. The fifth-graders learned quite a bit about Pi and probably will have a bite of pie, too.   

Is this sounding a little Greek to you? Well, the teachers at Dolvin are working hard to demonstrate its meaning with a variety of  hands-on activities with a sweet reward. So on 3-14, Dolvin fifth grade students celebrated Pi day with pie. If you ask any of them they can tell you why.


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