Fulton School SAT Scores Rank 2nd in Georgia

Several Johns Creek high schools reported some of the best results in the state.

By Wendy Parker

Led by schools in the North Fulton area, the Fulton County School System had the second-highest overall average in Georgia for the most recent scores of the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

The Georgia Department of Education released the figures on Thursday, and they show that Fulton students averaged an overall SAT score of 1567 systemwide, down 13 points from 1580 a year ago. 

The Fulton figures are still higher than the state of Georgia average of 1452 and the national average of 1498.

Forsyth County schools led the state with a district-wide average score of 1580.

The SAT tests students' college preparedness in critical reading, mathematics and writing skills.

Fulton students averaged a mean score of 520 in reading (down from 522 in 2012), 531 in math (down from 536) and 516 in writing (down from 522).

But five Fulton high schools -- all in North Fulton -- were among the top 15 in average SAT scores statewide. Northview and Johns Creek had scores topping 1700, while Milton, Alpharetta, Chattahoochee and Roswell were above 1600.

"Although our overall scores dipped this year, I’m not discouraged – far from it," Fulton superintendent Robert Avossa said in a statement.

“Fulton has the third largest number of test-takers in Georgia, yet we continue to keep our district averages the highest in metro Atlanta. That’s commendable for a district of our diversity and size.”  

Centennial's average was 1560 and Cambridge, which opened only last year and tested just 51 students, reported an average of 1525.

Riverwood had an SAT average of 1557 and North Springs 1546, the latter representing an 87-point increase from last year.

Fulton Science Academy, based in Alpharetta, had a score of 1563, a jump of 50 points from a year ago. A total of 46 students there took the test. 

Milton (15 points) and Alpharetta (12 points) also had large increases in overall scores. 

Here are more detailed SAT numbers for Fulton schools, including mean scores in reading, math and writing, and comparisons to 2012 figures.

Top Georgia Overall Average Scores
  1. The Advanced Academy of Georgia (Carrollton) -- 2,081
  2. Gwinnett Math, Science and Technology -- 1,917
  3. Northview (Fulton) -- 1,773
  4. Walton (Cobb) -- 1,741
  5. Columbus (Columbus) -- 1,722
  6. Johns Creek (Fulton) -- 1,707
  7. Milton (Fulton) -- 1,697
  8. Pope (Cobb) -- 1,680
  9. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet (Augusta) -- 1,680
  10. Alpharetta (Fulton) -- 1,672
  11. Chattahoochee (Fulton) -- 1,667
  12. Roswell (Fulton) -- 1,653
  13. Wheeler (Cobb) -- 1,651
  14. McIntosh (Fayette) -- 1,644
  15. Lassiter (Cobb) -- 1,636


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