Feature Your Sports Team on Johns Creek Patch

Here's a quick list of how you can make sure your sports teams are highlighted on Johns Creek Patch.

If you are a member of a fall sports team, Johns Creek Patch wants to hear from you. Whether you're a player, a member of the booster club, a coach or even a vendor, Patch is a place for you. 

We are not just a news portal, but more of a community hub for you, your family and your friends. But, we can't do it without your support.

Here's how you and your sports team can get the most out of Johns Creek Patch:

1. Start a blog about your sports teamHere you can talk about your highs and lows, players that stand out, coaches you love, and more, including what's going on in the sports world outside of Johns Creek. Blogs are not subject to the same content editing as articles. For the most part: It's your style, your way, your say.

2. Upload pictures of your team to our gallery: We wish we could, but cannot, be at every game for every team. So, we love getting photos sent to us, especially those posted by you – the community – to our gallery. It's a place where everyone can quickly see images you all hold near and dear.

3. Submit articles or letters to the editor: These are pieces of free content that you can submit to me, and they may appear as featured stories that our newsletter subscribers will see in their email inboxes. We reach tons of people in the community, and we know they'd love to hear from you. E-mail these to Ann Marie, Editor.

4. Make announcements on wins, team changes, highlights, and more: These announcements can be about anything you want to tell people in a more short form. These can also be press releases, that are published as is. We want you to feel invested in Patch and the community, and this is an easy and quick way to do it. Add a photo, as well. It helps your announcement to stand out.

5. Place events, such as fundraisers, special competitions, etc., on the calendar: We know you have lots of games or events that you'd love to see the community come to, and the more people who know about it, the better. That's where event listings come in. You pick the date it runs, and viola! The best way to then get that event featured on the front page of our Patch site is to include a photo! No photo, and it probably won't end up on the front page.

6. Post your events and photos to our Facebook page: Johns Creek Patch's Facebook page is your page, too. Post your sports updates, pictures and announcements on our page and we'll share them with the community!

7. Place an advertisement for even more exposure for your team or business: If you want to gain even more exposure, place an advertisement on Patch. I hear the rates are reasonable, but I'm the editor of this site, not the ad person. That means I really have NO idea how that works. Contact Todd Baraff at Todd.Baraff@patch.com for more information.

Hope this has been helpful! We look forward to connecting with you and your sports teams in Johns Creek!

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