Traffic Flowing Smoothly Around PGA

So far no major incidents, back-ups on 141.

Maybe it's the repeated warnings from the city of Johns Creek to avoid the area if possible. Maybe it's the pedestrian bridge built by the PGA connecting the Atlanta Athletic Club to the parking area across the street. Maybe it's the city's traffic control center monitoring road conditions and adjusting traffic lights if necessary.

Regardless the reason, so far, so good, say city officials and residents in the area.

With some 40,000 visitors to the area, hundreds of shuttle busses, and the fact that 141 is a major commuting corridor, the city braced itself for a traffic onslaught. The public works department, along with the Johns Creek Police Department, Gwinnett Police and the Georgia State Patrol, have been laying plans for two years to avoid a traffic nightmare.

As of Friday afternoon only a few minor incidents and no major back-ups had been reported.

"It's one thing to make a plan, it's another to execute it," said Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker, who was in the media center set up at the Atlanta Athletic Club, on Friday. "One of the things making a difference is that bridge."

At the city's urging, the PGA erected a temporary pedestrian bridge crossing 141, preventing 93rd PGA Championship attendees from crossing the highway, and thus making numerous traffic stops unnecessary.

"I can't say enough about the public works department and the police department," said Rosemary Taylor, communications manager for Johns Creek. She added that the biggest traffic problem so far is that some ticket-holders have been attempting to park in the lot across from the club, which is only open to those with special passes, and have had to turn around. The public lot for ticket-holders is at the Gwinnett Arena, where attendees can park and ride a shuttle bus straight to the Atlanta Athletic Club for free.

Some are even saying traffic has been flowing better than normal in the area. A question posted by Johns Creek Patch on its Facebook page regarding traffic in the area yielded the following responses:

"It's actually better than normal...great job!"

" . . . it felt normal! I saw many shuttle busses and was impressed with the job done with traffic and pedestrians."

"Breezed right by this morning!!"

"I live right in that area and 141 hasn't been bad. Worse on Old Alabama where they have cars coming out and pedestrians crossing."

"Whoever was in charge of the traffic should know they did a fantastic job!! Thank you!"

Commuters should still be advised to avoid the area if possible, however, as traffic could get heavier as championship play heats up during the weekend.


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