Maps Show City Improvements Since Johns Creek's Founding

Public works director gives overview of road, sidewalk, park projects since 2007.

Since its founding in 2006, the city of Johns Creek has seen more than 200 improvements to its roads, parks and sidewalks.

Johns Creek's Public Works Director Tom Black presented an overview of these projects to the city council on Monday.

He pointed out Newtown Park projects, including the Beneful Dream Dog Park, the parking lot expansion and a future multipurpose pavilion and new playground equipment installation.

"We've done quite a bit with the park, and will continue to do quite a bit with your support," he said.

Many of the projects were completed with state and federally funded dollars and matching grants. Mayor Mike Bodker commended Black and his staff for getting "a lot done" with limited funds.

Black also presented two interactive maps on the city website illustrating these projects. Residents can click on projects for more information, and zoom in an out. 

The Capital Improvement Projects Map I illustrates sidewalk, trail and landscape improvements, while the Capital Improvement Projects Map II shows road projects.

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Tax payer February 13, 2013 at 02:30 PM
Where are all the beautification, street repairs, or anything in the southern part of Johns Creek? All I see, was that a small section ,of a formerly gravel pathway,w as redone with concrete. Why aren't all sections of Johns creek given an equal piece of the pie? We pay taxes, too.
Linda W Johnson February 13, 2013 at 08:35 PM
RE: above comment; On behalf of Johns Creek Beautification, Inc., a non-profit whose objectives involve median beautification, public works of art and historic preservation, I would comment that most of the landscaped beautification efforts are a result of state and federal grants that require the installations to be completed on state roads, such as SR141. Our organization carried on the work from funds received from Fulton County to begin landscape installations on SR141, then partnered with the city to continue improvements and complete smaller projects along Abbotts and Kimball Bridge Roads, for example. Water improvement grants (that effect the Chattahoochee River) are being issued from the federal government and GDOT that will allow impressive landscaping installations on State Bridge Road beginning this spring. Our Master Beautification Map identifies opportunites in each area of the city. As a non-profit, all volunteer organization, we rely on donations and our own fundraising to make these projects a reality. We believe the city has done a tremendous job with limited funds and we look forward to a strong partnership with the city to make all areas of our city, beautiful.


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