Johns Creek Mulling 'False Alarm' Fines

Proposed ordinance states that false alarms divert resources from real emergencies.

More than 5,000 false security alarms went off in Johns Creek in 2012, which has prompted the Johns Creek City Council to talk about the possibility of enacting fines.

The proposed ordinance states that false alarms divert resources from real emergencies and place an undue burden on public safety officers.

No penalty would be imposed on the first and second false police alarm, but $50 would be charged for the third to fifth, with that amount increasing each time.

For fire alarms, there would be no charge for the first false alarm, but a $250 fine would be imposed for each second through 10th alarms, and $500 for each false alarm over 10.

The ordinance would also require residents and businesses to register their alarms with the city, with the alarm companies being required to notify clients of the ordinance.

While there would be no charge for registering an alarm under the proposed ordinance, there would be a $100 fee for failure to register.

Non-monitored alarms would also be subject to the ordinance.


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