Johns Creek Grants $5,000 to Symphony

Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra granted funds for community outreach.

The Johns Creek City Council on Monday voted to award a $5,000 arts grant to the Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra.

While $30,000 had been factored into the FY 2012 budget for arts grants, the symphony was the only organization that met all criteria.

According to Patty Hansen, chief of staff for the city, the symphony will use the money to publicize its events.

"They did a very good job of coming within the bounds of [outreach] . . . letting citizens know what is available," she said.

Two other organizations had requested funds, but one did not meet the criteria, and the other withdrew its application after it was sent back for review. Requested funds totaled $33,244.

The unused money will go back into the city's reserve fund.

Mayor Mike Bodker asked Hansen if there would be more of a variety of applicants in the future, with Hansen replying that the grant availability will be made public more early in the year and that the city could hold workshops for those interested.

Last year, arts grants were awarded to the symphony, the Johns Creek Arts Center and Performing Arts North. The symphony is using those funds for its Meet the Orchestra program for school children, taking place Oct. 4.


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