Defendant Gets 220-Year Sentence for Rape, Molestation of 3-Year-Old

Johns Creek Detective Lyles took the lead in the initial investigation.

A 23-year-old man has been sentenced to 220 years in prison for the rape and child molestation of a 3-year-old girl.

Johns Creek Police Detective B.K. Lyles led the initial investigation into the incidents, which occurred in July 2011.

Jason Jerome Hambrick was convicted in a jury trial that ended Friday, Feb. 8, according to Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard Jr. Hambrick was also charged with cruelty to children in the first degree in connection with his sex crimes against a 3-year-old child in his care.

According to the investigation, the defendant forced the child to engage in various sexual acts on repeated occasions causing physical scarring. Relatives of the victim discovered the molestation when they saw her making inappropriate sexual gestures. After questioning the child about her behavior, the relatives notified authorities and took the child to the hospital for an examination. A search warrant was issued for Hambrick’s home and DNA. He was arrested in August 2011.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford cited the defendant's failure to take responsibility for his action when he sentenced Hambrick to 220-years in prison –50 years on each of the sex related charges and 20 years on the cruelty charge – all to run consecutively. 

Senior District Attorney Daysha Young assigned to the Crimes Against Women and Children Unit (CAWAC) prosecuted the case with assistance from Senior ADA Irina Khasin and DA Investigator Kenneth Rucker.

Jc February 12, 2013 at 01:58 PM
He was wrongly & falsely convicted ! This case has been based off of coerced 3yr old and deceiving family(his in laws whom never liked him for dating their "uppity daughter") this girl is his daughter, there has been no evidence what so ever !! Etc! The family is looking to find a pro bono lawyer immediately! This is not the end of this case stay tuned
Foren February 13, 2013 at 12:23 PM
Yeah right this guy is innocent. Hope he enjoys his new joy friends in prison. They just love child molestors! Word.
Stephen Guy Hardin February 13, 2013 at 01:26 PM
Obama 2016 !
Racer X February 14, 2013 at 12:55 PM
Off with his head, pick it up by the dread-locks and mount it on a stick on the town square.
Racer X February 14, 2013 at 01:42 PM
Jc- Uh....the case was based on DNA and other physical evidence. Don't count on that pro bono lawyer, anyone dumb enough to take the case would never be smart enough to win. You may want to consider re-evaluating with whom you align yourself.
Kay Dillard February 14, 2013 at 04:07 PM
Pray for the 3 year old girl who it seems was molested by someone since there is "physical scarring." There will be emotional scarring as well and without a lot of earnest prayer and Christian counseling, this innocent little girl may have a very sad future. God bless her richly and heal her in every way.
Racer X February 14, 2013 at 04:40 PM
With a mother who would leave her child with a beast like this for a month, that child is going to need plenty of prayers. I wonder what burden of responsibility the mother will be held accountable for, if any?


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