Expect Last Section of Westside Parkway to Open in April

C.W. Matthews, the contractor picked by Alpharetta, started work on Monday to complete the last section of the road.

Alpharetta officials say the last section of Westside Parkway should be opened in April as long as this weather holds.

Mayor David Belle Isle said crews will work 24/7 in some cases on the section between Old Milton Parkway and Webb Bridge Road. The final connection of Westside provides an arterial corridor along GA and should provide some traffic relief. 

Pete Sewczwicz, director of Engineering/Public Works for Alpharetta, explained what C.W. Matthews will be doing as the road contractor. .

For about 85 percent of the road, he said they will mill the existing asphalt to make sure there are no issues under the road after it was poured years ago by Thomas Enterprises subcontractors. The asphalt will be reinstalled after that.

"And they are also going to build the intersection of Old Milton Parkway and Westside Parkway," Sewczwicz said.

That intersection will get four new mast arms for traffic signals and will have dual left turn lanes from Westside north and south onto Old Milton Parkway, plus right turn lanes from Old Milton onto Westside.

Since it takes months for the manufacturer to fabricate the permanent mast arms, temporary poles and traffic signals will be installed so the road can open up next month.

"They will have everything done in 30 days," Sewczwicz said.

He did caution that if it rained for many days the schedule would be thrown off, but they are confident it will open in April, rather than June as the city has been promising.

C.W. Matthews has been authorized to work 24 hours a day Monday through Saturday, with no work on Sundays. Lane closures and/or lane shifts will be utilized between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., and 7:30 p.m.-5:30 a.m. Sewczwicz expects construction to be completed on Thursday, April 26.

On Tuesday, March 27, workers could be seen installing new sidewalk along Westside Parkway and working on the median and shoulders. As early as next week crews could be working 24/7 on the sections of Westside south of the Woodlands at Webb Bridge townhomes that are next to the road.

Bo Wagner March 28, 2012 at 11:03 AM
Can't wait!
GB March 28, 2012 at 12:53 PM
AT LAST! - This is Great News - We only have been WAITING five years for this section to be completed (helping for much better traffic flow...) NOW - CAN WE PLEASE GET THE 'AVALON PROJECT' STARTED - ASAP! and COMPLETED next year – and stop having to live with this as it has been sitting the last five - a total disgrace and waste of our great community While thousands of us do pay higher taxes to live here - and have also been anticipating the finish beauty and conveniences of this development Not to mention - the major NEED to many road improvements We need as well in and around the Windward area


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