City OKs New Parking Spaces for Newtown Park

Newtown Park parking, new traffic signal among projects to be funded by budget surplus.

The on Monday decided how to spend some $686,000 that was found after a mid-year budget review.

The surplus will be spent on several projects around the city.

$40,000 will be spent on more than 70 new parking spaces in Newtown Park. City Manager John Kachmar attributed the need to new attractions at the park, such as the Beneful Dog Park and Park Place active adult center. "If you make improvements, they will come," he said.

Another $40,000 will be spent on sidewalks, while $96,000 will be spent on a storage facility at Shakerag Park for equipment related to the city's traffic incident response vehicle.

$200,000 will go into the city's vehicle replacement fund.

The city council also earmarked $180,000 for a traffic signal at Nesbit Ferry and Brumbelow roads, but is hoping that the city of Roswell will pitch in on that cost as the intersection, considered dangerous, sits on the border. The council plans to draft a formal letter asking the Roswell City Council to consider contributing funds.

The remaining $130,000 will be placed in a contingency fund.

Declaring Independence May 22, 2012 at 06:32 PM
This is ridiculous. A budget surplus should not be spent or 'invested' in more stuff for the city. It should all go into a contingency fund and if it continues taxes need to be lowered-period.


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