Proposed Charter Schools Amendment Goes to Voters

State Senate approves legislation

From Patch Reports

The Georgia Senate approved a proposed constitutional amendment on the state's power over charter schools, and now voters will decide the issue, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The legislation, co-sponsored in the House by Rep. Edward Lindsey, who represents Buckhead, was closely followed by Buckhead public school supporters. Proponents of the legislation say it's needed to define state powers over charter schools after a state Supreme Court decision, while opponents say it will weaken support for public schools.

The Supreme Court ruled last May that the state couldn't force local school districts to fund charter schools they didn't aurthorize, the AJC said.

State Sen. Vincent Fort, a Democrat who represents part of Buckhead, led efforts against the legislation. Two Senate Democrats gave their support to the proposal, giving it the two-thirds margin necssary for passage.


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