Smashburger, Lin's Chinese Burglarized

The following information was supplied by the Johns Creek Police Department.

Smashburger Broken Into, Nothing Taken

On Aug. 14 the manager of on Medlock Bridge Road reported that he received a phone call from his security monitoring service that the burglary alarm was going off in the restaurant.

He stated that when he arrived the side window near a Dumpster was shattered, and he called 911. Officers arrived and cleared the restaurant. According to the police report, a cinder block was apparently used to shatter the window. Fresh pry marks were observed on the side and rear door of the business.

The report stated that the perpetrator likely gained entry via the shattered window and exited through the rear door. The manager stated that the alarm has a 10-second delay and is extremely loud, designed to disorient and drive burglars away. The manager said that nothing appeared to be missing.

Computers, Fruit Stolen From Lin's Chinese

On Aug. 14 the owner of on Medlock Bridge Road reported that someone forced the restaurant's front door open and stole and iPad, a MacBook and a Louis Vuitton leather handbag.

The owner stated that she received a call from her alarm monitoring service notifying her of the front door motion alarm going off. She said she canceled the alarm because she had been having alarm malfunctions and assumed it was a false alarm.

The police report stated that it appeared the perpetrator gained entry by prying open the front door lock. The cash register was pried open and damaged beyond repair, but it had been empty and nothing was taken from it. The stolen property was located in the office at the rear of the business.

The owner stated that about $10 worth of mixed fruit was also taken from the refrigerator.

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