September Crime & Accident Roundup

Johns Creek Police Department releases September crime and accident statistics.

Each month the Johns Creek Police Department releases crime and incident statistics from the previous month in its newsletter Cops Connect.

Here are September's numbers as published in the newsletter:

Service calls: 5,766

Arrests: 106

Car break-ins: 10

Burglaries: 8

DUIs: 21

Traffic accidents: 126

The burglaries occurred at 11720 Medlock Bridge Road, 10985 Bell Road, Long Indian Creek, Feather Sound, Mount View, 801 Cameron Bridge Way, Hartridge and 5005 Kimball Bridge Road.

The car break-ins occurred at 6325 Hospital Parkway, 10240 Jones Bridge Road, Wentworth, 11890 Douglas Road (3), 6230 Abbotts Bridge Road, 9101 Barnwell Road (2), 5950 State Bridge Road.

According to the newsletter, the top five intersections for vehicle accidents were (1) State Bridge and Medlock Bridge, (2) Medlock Bridge and Medlock Crossing, (3) State Bridge and Jones Bridge, (4) Kimball Bridge and Jones, and (5) Medlock Bridge and Parsons Road.

For more stats and crime prevention tips, visit and sign up for Cops Connect.


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