Blotter: Dog Walker Interrupts Home Break-In

The following information was supplied by the Johns Creek Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Home Break-Ins

On March 5 a woman reported to police that she was walking her dog when she noticed a man trying to get into the door of a home on Sugar Crest Avenue. She said that she also so a silver four-door sedan parked in the driveway near the mailbox. She said as she approached the vehicle left the driveway. She yelled to the man at the door asking if everything was ok. The man went to an open window and yelled inside the home, "someone is asking if we're ok." Another man stuck his head out the window and looked around, then crawled out of the window, and both men ran away from the residence and toward the intersection of Sugar Crest and Boles Road.

The woman saw them get into the silver vehicle, which left south on Bolds going toward Abbotts Bridge Road. The woman stated that one man was black and the other Asian, both in their late teens or early 20s. Police went into the residence and cleared it. Nothing appeared disturbed, but there were pry marks along the bottom of the window, and the window lock was broken. When the resident of the home arrived, police conducted a walk through with her, and she said nothing was missing. 

On March 8 an unoccupied home on Rhine Drive was reported broken into. Numerous electronics, power tools and an air-conditioning unit were reported stolen.


On March 6 the manager at on Old Alabama Road told police that a female went to a cash register to purchase a number of items and also had two gift cards activated. She then switched the gift cards with other gift cards she had concealed in a sales flyer, and told the cashier she had to go outside to get coupons and never returned. The manager said she then went to the Kroger gas station and purchased candy on each card, which locks the funds on the cards and prevents the store from retracting the funds. The manager showed police video footage of the incident. Kroger Loss Prevention stated that the same female had committed this act several times during the last few months throughout the area. The company also stated that the cards had been used at

On March 14 a Douglas Road employee told police that another employee stopped a woman after he watched her conceal items inside of a jacket in her shopping cart before passing through the last point of sale. When police asked the woman if she had concealed items when attempting to leave the store, she said yes. The items included bakery cake, bread, a notebook, toothpicks, a magazine and four containers of Hagen Daz ice cream. Police also found prescription medication that she did not have a prescription for in the woman's purse. She was transported to the Alpharetta jail where she was charged with shoplifting and possession of a controlled substance.


On March 5 a woman told police that she had taken her granddaughter to get a hair cut at and the stylist told the child to take off her gold necklace and charm while her hair was being cut. When the woman and her granddaughter left, they forgot to collect the necklace. The woman stated that when she realized the jewelry was left behind, she called the stylist, who assured her that the necklace would be kept in a safe place. When the woman went to retrieve the jewelry, she was given the charm but a different necklace that was silver, and not real gold like her granddaughter's necklace. When she asked the business owner about the stylist's whereabouts, she was told the stylist no longer worked at the business.

On March 5 a license plate was reported stolen from a boat trailer parked on Link Road.

On March 5 a customer at reported that his iPhone was stolen from the basketball courts while he was playing basketball.

On March 7 a customer at reported that while she was watching a movie her purse containing numerous credit cards, cash and gift cards was stolen. She said she didn't realize the purse was missing until the next day and learned her credit cards were being used by whoever took the purse.

On March 14 a visitor at  reported that his iPhone was stolen after he left it on a park bench to play basketball. He said he had left the phone there for only two minutes before he discovered it missing.

Vehicle Break-Ins

On March 5 a resident on Montclair Way reported that overnight someone had broken into three unlocked vehicles. A laptop, an iPhone, a purse, cash, jewelry, sunglasses, a book bag containing school books, a cell phone and a GPS were reported stolen. 

On March 14 a vehicle parked on Oak Landing Drive was reported broken into. Sunglasses, an iPod and a GPS system were reported stolen from the unlocked vehicle.


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