Holiday Safety Tips From Johns Creek Police

Department creates Holiday Crime Taskforce, offers safety advice.

With the holidays here, an uptick in burglaries and car break-ins will likely occur as criminals take advantage of people shopping and traveling. To address this problem, the Johns Creek Police Department is focusing resources on a Holiday Crime Taskforce composed of investigators, traffic and bicycle officers and community policing officers.

In its Cops Connect newsletter, the department also offers the following tips on keeping your home and valuables safe:

  • Hide or remove items from your car that appeal to thieves such as electronics and purses and items purchased while shopping. Use your trunk, but not until you leave – someone may be watching and take advantage if you leave your vehicle.
  • Lock your car. The majority of the cars broken into in Johns Creek are unlocked. Some criminals will simply look for unlocked cars.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Have your keys in hand while walking to your car so that you can look around.
  • Don't announce that you are leaving town. Use a lights timer, have a trusted friend or neighbor pick up your papers and mail, and take your trash can out on trash day. Also, don't post anything about leaving town or photos of your trip on social media until you have returned.
  • If you are going out of town, have a JCPD patrol officer check on your home while you're away by requesting a Vacation Watch online. 


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