Father of Boy Attacked at Georgia High School: 'This is a Premeditated Group Attack'

He says more serious charges should be filed against attacker, and even against onlookers who didn't intervene.

WXIA-TV Facebook screenshot.
WXIA-TV Facebook screenshot.

The father of the Gwinnett high school student who was beaten by another student this week says his son’s assailant should face more serious charges.

He also said onlookers who didn’t intervene should also be punished.

Danny Egan says his son, David, a sophomore at Parkview High School, has undergone facial reconstruction surgery as a result of the Tuesday attack in a locker room that was caught on camera and went viral online. He told WSB-TV he thinks the attack was pre-meditated.

“You know what the most disturbing thing about it is?” he told WSB. “No one tried to help him … This is a premeditated group attack.”

The video, which Egan first shared with WXIA-TV on Wednesday, shows one boy punching the victim twice; the first punch sending the victim staggering up against lockers, the second knocking him to the floor. Several other students stood nearby, and nobody intervened.

The Gwinnett County School System told WSB the attacker could not be charged as an adult due to state law which defines the offenses that can lead to adult charges for a juvenile. The student was charged with juvenile aggravated battery. A school system spokesman said Parkview “handled this case well.”

The attack broke the boy’s nose away from his skull, the father said. His son was at Scottish Rite Hospital, according to the TV station.

The father said school officials haven’t treated the incident as seriously as it should have: “He didn't throw sand in his eyes, he didn't stab him in the arm with a pencil, he broke his skull.”

melissa hickson March 30, 2014 at 10:52 AM
Edward apparently you didn't read my post. It was not over a pair of shoes. This kid had been bullying him all year. There are two sides of the story. You are right, only animals do that so time to think outside the box and understand it was over more than a pair of shoes.
Edward Brunson March 30, 2014 at 02:21 PM
I saw the beatdown that kid took. It was obvious who the bully was. It was shameful for the other kids just to sit there and watch. Several years ago my wife pulled my daughter out of cheerleading. She was so disgusted on the way some of the parents act for 3rd grade football games at some of these schools. I believe Shiloh was one of the worst. Others near Norcross were atrocious. When the behavior of parents is bad, the kids of these animals act the same way.
Amy March 31, 2014 at 07:39 AM
The attacker is a bully and his parents were fully aware of it. As a parent of a non physically violent bully, you know when your child is a bully because he bullies his siblings. I used to get complaints from parents of frightened children about my son all the time. My son was finally cured of his bullying ways when another bully punched him with brass knuckles on. Well wishes to the Egan family. This little boy did not deserve this. Nobody does.
Omar Monroe March 31, 2014 at 07:57 AM
If thats the case then Melissa Hickson, he deserved what he got, my neighbors daughter was bullied for a long time, the bullies would be so bad that they even followed her home, waiting down the street to catch her outside, she told her parents but they didn't do anything, when she finally had enough and fought back, she was expelled, and had to go to alternative school.
stephen m george jr mpa March 31, 2014 at 02:36 PM
Something important to think about regarding this situation is ...almost every kid perpetrating a school mass shooting WAS a victim of bullying ...and they had enough. So, let's just brush this crime under the rug and pretend it didn't happen ...and see what happens next.


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