Stolen Rolls Royce Recovered; Jaguar Hits Tree, Driver Leaves Scene

The following information was supplied by the Johns Creek Police Department.

Stolen Rolls Royce Recovered

On Feb. 20 a Johns Creek Police officer was dispatched to the State Bridge Corners Shopping Center, 9775 Medlock Bridge Road, because of an abandoned vehicle. 

A heavily damaged Rolls Royce with no tag was parked in the shopping center lot. The officer checked the VIN and discovered the vehicle had been stolen from Florida. An officer checked for prints and the vehicle was impounded.

Vehicle Hits Tree, Suspect Leaves Scene

On Feb. 20 a Johns Creek Police officer responded to a vehicle accident at Buice Road at Spruill Road. He noted a Jaguar off the roadway with extensive front damage. The vehicle was on a steep decline, held up only by the tree it had struck.

The driver of the vehicle, a 17-year-old Johns Creek resident, had left the scene, but an uninjured passenger remained. The passenger told police that the driver was traveling eastbound on Buice and attempted to turn right onto Spruill but was going too fast to safely make the turn. The vehicle also had to swerve to avoid hitting a car stopped at the intersection's stop sign, and collided with the stop sign before continuing off the road and hitting the tree.

The vehicle was removed from the scene, and the officer, after being unable to reach the driver, was able to speak with the driver's father.

The officer then found the suspect on a bench near his subdivision's clubhouse. He had injuries to his arm, but refused treatment. He told police that he left the scene because he was afraid of getting in trouble.

The driver was arrested and charged with misdemeanor counts of reckless driving and hit-and-run, and was then released.

Two Catalytic Converters Stolen

Two residents recently reported catalytic converters stolen from their vehicles. On Feb. 19 a resident on Red Deer Way told police that when she went to leave for work, there was a loud noise coming from the bottom of her vehicle.

She said she called a tow truck company to have her car towed to a mechanic, who informed her the converter was missing. The victim said that her vehicle was fine when she left from work the previous day. She said she heard a car alarm sound from around the parking lot of her apartment complex later, but she didn't check it out.

On Feb. 21 a resident on Wentworth Court told police that when he went to leave for work, his vehicle was making loud noises. He took it to a mechanic, who told him the catalytic converter had been removed from his vehicle, and that it had been unbolted instead of cut free.

Items Stolen From Gym Lockers

On Feb. 19 a customer at Life Time Fitness told police that his gym bag was missing from his locker. He said that the locker key may have fallen out of his pocket and used to open it. Credit cards, cash, clothing and car keys were in the stolen bag.

On Feb. 21 a customer at LA Fitness told police that his car keys and cash were stolen from his locker and the lock was gone. When he returned to his car, the keys were in the door.

Lights Destroyed at Subdivision Entrance

On Feb. 19 the president of the Homeowners' Association at Quail Hollow subdivision told police that someone destroyed the lights at the front entrance to the neighborhood. He told police that it looked like someone smashed the lights by kicking them, and that they will cost about $150 to replace.


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