REVIEW: 'Dark Knight Rises' a Masterpiece

Halfway through 2012, we have our first real contender for the movie of the year, with the third and final installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. It's simply an amazing movie.

Christian Bale plays Bruce Wayne again. His fortune is dwindling; his body is battered and his alter ego continues to elude police in "The Dark Knight Rises."

This is a tough movie to review because I don't want to spoil anything. So I will try keep my review spoil-free.

Basically, Batman is forced out of retirement after a new bad guy emerges from the sewer, a thug by the name of Bane (played by Tom Hardy). When he shows up, Gotham is overrun by anarchy.

The supporting actors are fantastic in this film. Commissioner Gordon is again played by Gary Oldman; Marion Cotillard plays a philanthropist; Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a cop; and Anne Hathaway digs her claws into the role of Catwoman.

You will laugh, you will cry, and there is a good chance you may even clap at the end of this film, which is a whopping two hours and 45 minutes (though it doesn't feel like it). Hats off to Director Christopher Nolan who has put together perhaps the best comic book movie ever. The Flick-O-Meter gives "The Dark Knight Rises" a five out of five. 

Sorry I couldn't give you more details on this film but I really don't want to spoil it for you. Go see it; you'll know why. This is a great end to a trilogy involving a character that will continue to live forever in popular culture long after you and I are gone.

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'The Dark Knight Rises' is playing this weekend at , starting at midnight Thursday. Click here for times and tickets.


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