Resident Frustrated With McGinnis-Ferry Roadwork

Lack of walking and biking paths also disappoints.

As a resident of Johns Creek for 14 years, my husband and I are still waiting for more parks and wider sidewalks. There should have been a major focus during city planning for more and frequent parks so all residents could enjoy walking, riding bicycles, roller blading, etc., from and to their neighborhoods on to treed, park-like walks. 

Yes, more and more people are walking two to three miles (from their homes to shops), and it is a delight to see many more cyclists.  If the sidewalks were wider, my husband and I would ride our bikes every day to work and to shop. Riding a bicycle on any of the main thoroughfares is for only the very experienced and not faint of heart. 

The botched widening of McGinnis-Ferry Road is such an embarrassment and hindrance to the citizens of Johns Creek.  Anyone living near and driving on McGinnis-Ferry Road has grown extremely weary of this disastrous project. 

Why are the sidewalks so narrow?  Why is the "straight through" from Sargent Road driving east (intersection of Sargent and McGinnis-Ferry) not being put into place?  My husband and I usually walk on McGinnis Ferry-Road every weekend (four to five miles round trip). 

We have grown so disappointed with the lack of the road project work,  we have nearly lost our love for living here.  Has this road widening project ever been considered a reason why many house sales and prices have stayed depressed in the subdivisions that border McGinnis-Ferry Road?

— Cheryl Hunt


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