Kids Are In School, What's On TV?

The new fall season is about to premiere – how do you monitor what your kids are watching?

The kids are settled into school and the weather is getting cooler. As routines fall into place another event is about to unfold: Television shows will begin to premier the new fall season. With new shows scheduled to start, parents also have to be aware of what their children are going to watch.

Rating systems and websites like Televisionwatch.org are a great way for parents to learn about all the new shows. It offers synopses about shows so that you know the subject matter, the ratings and general overview. Setting parental controls on television is another great way to limit what your kids can and cannot watch.

Unfortunately, these types of rating systems are needed now to keep children from watching inappropriate programs. Even shows that seem harmless, like cartoons, can often be crass and rude. 

How do you – or do you – limit what your children watch on TV?

What do you use to determine if a show is appropriate? Do you use television as a reward or does it stay completely off during the week? 

What will your child be doing today – schoolwork or watching TV? Parents, we want to hear from you.


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