How Do You Do It?

Sarah Jessica Parker's new movie is a view into a mother's world.

In Sarah Jessica Parker's new movie " I Don't Know How She Does It," Parker plays a working mom who is juggling two kids, a busy job as an investment banker, and being a wife.

While her career takes off, her home life starts to take a back seat. Her role as mother starts to be taken by her out-of-work husband, played by Greg Kinnear.

In today's society, woman are told they can do it all. A high profile job from 9 to 5, supermom from 5 p.m. to bedtime, and super wife squeezed in somewhere. With the loss of the "traditional" role where wife stays home and husband works also comes more work for moms who are trying to prove themselves in the work force and at home.

With the recession causing many to lose jobs, many moms are returning to the work force instead of husbands. With fathers being at home, moms do not have to always be the one who cooks and cleans; fathers are capable of that as well.

What is a fair balance between work and play. A certain amount of dedication to work shows your children you are responsible and hardworking. Too much dedication and your children feel as if they are on the back burner.

Is is possible to have it all? Can you balance work and home seamlessly or will one always suffer? How do you determine what a fair balance is?

Dee Waltz September 21, 2011 at 03:26 PM
I went to college with 5 kids still at home and today I've started my own Adoption Agency and the youngest is 14 now. It's like I used to tell my kids, "We always find the time and the money to do the things we really WANT to do." If we really examine our lives we will see those things we never accomplished for what they are...ideas and not dreams. I still don't exercise regularly...I'm sure that speaks volumes about how I'd rather spend my time! LOL


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