Picking the Perfect Flower

Don't send the wrong message on Valentine's Day.

Worried about sending the wrong message with your flower choice this Valentine's Day? Not to worry, our friends at Pike Nurseries have sent along this guide to navigate the flurry of floral choices:

Flowers for a special someone:

  • Red roses – true love, desire, passionate love
  • Tulips – perfect love, comfort and warmth
  • Orchids – luxury, refined beauty
  • Lilac roses – love at first sight
  • Carnations – new love, fascination
  • Gardenias – deep, old-fashioned love

Flowers for a friends:

  • Yellow roses – friendship, lightheartedness, happiness
  • Pink roses – caring, gratitude
  • Orange roses – enthusiasm, warmth, energy
  • White roses – forgiveness or remembrance
  • Alstroemeria – friendship and devotion
  • Peach-colored roses – appreciation 


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