Charter Amendment - Chip Rogers Wants A Win

Chip Rogers thinks Charter Schools are a good investment - for you or for his friends who are in line waiting to make money from them?

Dear Chip,

Congratulations, once again, for far exceeding my expectations on how far a politician will go in misrepresenting the facts to peddle a worthless piece of legislation - in this case - HR 1162. HR 1162/HB 797 makes T-Splost look great in comparison (See Sunday's AJC article).

I can't believe you dragged Mark Richt into your propaganda piece. Has Georgia Tech, your alma mater, forbidden you to link your name with theirs in the same sentence?

Since you insist on bringing up SAT scores once again, I must give you the remedial SAT lecture. From the College Board site; "A Word About Comparing States and Schools - The SAT is a strong indicator of trends in the college-bound population, but it should never be used alone for such comparisions because demographics and other nonschool factors can have a strong effect on scores." In other words it's meaningless because the #1 Ranked State, Illinois, tests 5% of students and Georgia tests 80% - whether they plan on attending college or not.

What if you had the power to subject the Georgia Bull Dogs to such bogus ranking criteria? Talk about personal catastrophe!

And then we have your the "math is simple" argument. The only simple aspect of Georgia's QBE formula is your understanding of it. Check out this explanation and please get back to the voters. Hey, how did the polling go on that line? Guess we'll find out when we get robo calls in October.

Oh, and how about those cost efficient public charter schools you want to send all of Georgia's students to? No football stadiums (sorry Mr. Richt, Nerf football is all we will pay for), no performing arts centers, no baseball fields, no bus transportation, remedial needs funding? ESOL? AP courses? special needs kids?  I really don't want to hear what your solution would be for those kids Chip.

Inaccurate? Who cares, right Chip?

Have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family and children who I understand don't attend public school,

Elizabeth Hooper

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Jennifer Hall October 07, 2012 at 12:15 AM
Maly, where are you getting all of that from? That's what they are telling you? Please read the following article for some information on that. Since the Supreme Court ruled the commission illegal, 16 schools have applied to the state, and all 16 were approved. It shows that this amendment adds a layer of government that isn't needed. Nothing wrong with some of these charters. Some are great. Some are not. But the amendment does nothing but put power into the hands of a few. Not a good idea. http://onlineathens.com/opinion/2012-10-06/blackmon-charter-issue-too-important-inaccurate-discussion
Jennifer Hall October 07, 2012 at 12:17 AM
Hal, a public school cannot counsel them out. If they are expelled for behavior, public options are found for them. They are not simply told "goodbye." If the child has an IEP, there are specific laws that must be followed for that. Keep this on the issue at hand. Is another non-elected agency needed in our government? No. Since the supreme court declared the commission illegal, 16 schools have applied to the state to open. All 16 were approved. It shows that the commission wasn't necessary then, isn't necessary now.
Maly October 07, 2012 at 01:45 AM
Jennifer hall, the 16 schools you are referring to were approved by the charter commission before they wrte ruled unconstitional, and because they were ruled unconstitional most of those schools were unable to open. We need an appeals process for our kids. The traditional public schools keep our local tax dollar to spend on kids. If the charter school kids go back there will be more over crowding and even less money.or, the charter kids will be home schooled and the school district will lose all the money, even local tax money. They really lose then.
Me October 07, 2012 at 01:19 PM
@Maly "We need an appeals process for our kids.: You have an appeals process; the state BOE approved three new start-up charters and renewed three others this week. The Supremes ruled that taking local dollars for state charters was unconstitutional, not the state schools themselves. The governor, who has told almost everyone to cut another 3% from their state budgets, miraculously "found" state money to fund those state charters above and beyond the state allotment. So children in state charter schools are more valuable to the state than children in regular public schools? Really? Look again at funding; the money follows the child. If those students in state charters had moved to traditional schools, the state would have paid less per FTE for them. Local tax dollars would have been spent on those students' education, but the state (somewhere) would have been able to make fewer cuts. "The traditional public schools keep our local tax dollar to spend on kids." No, the local government allocates money to school districts per FTE. If a student is not enrolled, the TPS does not get the money, so they can't keep it. "If the charter school kids go back there will be more over crowding and even less money..." There may be overcrowding, but some schools are actually under-enrolled. There will not be less money as, again, that child would be earning their FTE funding.
Me October 07, 2012 at 01:24 PM
@Maly "the charter kids will be home schooled and the school district will lose all the money, even local tax money. They really lose then." The school district won't get the money, since the student won't be enrolled, but they also don't have to staff to educate the child. There is a process by which charters are currently being approved by the state. Yes, they only earn the state allotment now, but they may also re-apply to the local board to qualify the next year for local funds. Maybe the Charter School group should devote their time and energy to helping charter start-ups develop (and improve) valid charter applications rather than fighting to have the state fund your students at twice the rate our TPS students are funded. But a campaign of misinformation is easier than that, I guess...


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