A Sad Beginning Looking For A Happy Ending

A heartwarming, heartbreaking story of neglect, rescue, love and rebirth.

Today, I want to tell you a sad story....one that had a horrific beginning but with your help, could turn into one of the happiest endings ever written.

I want to introduce you today to a young man named "Wilbur".  Wilbur had a horrible, horrific start in life.  You see, this young man almost died before he had a chance to live because a human who thought in her mentally disturbed mind she was doing a "good" thing.  You see, Wilbur's owner was what we term a "hoarder" - and not just someone who could not bear to let go of items she thought of as "treasures" but most of us would consider trash - she also "collected" animals.

We're feel sure she "believed" she loved them and couldn't bear to let them go, but she also was very sick, physically, with cancer.  Fighting physical and mental diseases is a very tough road and life, indeed.  Wilbur's owner was in dire straits and before anyone really knew how bad her life was, or that she had animals in those horrible conditions, she suddenly passed away from cancer.

During her time fighting this awful disease, a very kind woman known to many as "Nurse Betty", was helping her along her journey.  You see, Nurse Betty is a hospice nurse with a heart as huge for animals as it is for her human patients.  However, even Nurse Betty didn't realize poor Wilbur's plight until the owner passed away and they began to go through the horrid conditions at the home and on the property.

Inside the home, lost in all the horrible trash and mess, was a tiny little Chihuahua who was able to survive under mounds of trash and horrid conditions.  But what they did NOT know until they opened the garage was another dog, "Wilbur".  Wilbur had literally been locked away in that awful garage for who knows how long!  What she considered "safety" for her dog was quickly turning into a death trap for Wilbur!

The pictures in this article of the garage and of Wilbur tell you what he looked like when they found him - emaciated beyond belief, literally SKIN and BONES, with days and perhaps hours until his time on earth would have come to a horrible, lonely, painful end.  When they opened the door and found him, he immediately struggled to run to the closest muddy hole of water he could find, and almost drank it dry!! (see pic of him wanting to continually drink - you can see his ribs and bones protruding).  That picture was taken in October, 2013.

But that's not how Wilbur lives today.

Wilbur, through the efforts of Nurse Betty, became an Angels Among Us rescued boy that day!  He was vetted, given medication, lots of food and water, was later neutered and given all his shots, and was placed into the loving care of a foster home with his new "Mom", Taylor.  Life drastically changed for Wilbur that day, and he continues to improve by leaps and bounds!

When you see him in his "AFTER" shots of how he looks today, you'd never know the horror this dog lived and survived through on that property.  He is now lovingly called a "chunky-monkey" by his foster mom who loves him dearly.  He's turned into the most wonderful little "goofball" of a companion, and one who deserves only the very BEST life can offer him!

Let me tell you a bit about Wilbur today:  he's approximately 5 years old, now weighs in at around 45+ pounds, is healthy, crate and house-trained, microchipped and ready to be adopted.

Some of Wilbur's favorite things in the world are: Playing fetch, playing tag with the laser pointer, His favorite trick is to roll on his back and hold his toys above his head so he can show them off!  We think Wilbur is a Bassett hound mix breed and he's affectionately known as a "low-rider" which means he's built close to the ground.  He loves going on walks and playing outside in the backyard.

The ideal home for little Wilbur would be a family environment with young boys to play with but just so you know, Wilbur isn't picky - he loves and enjoys PEOPLE...all sizes and ages.  A family is what Wilbur really craves...one who will love him, want him, play with him, and allow him to be a true member of the family in every way. 

He's a good boy in his crate during the day, and thoroughly enjoys going to doggie day care, playing with the other dogs, if his family works during the day.  The adoptive family would need a fenced-in back yard with a secure gate so Wilbur could play outside as often as possible.  He also is great with other smaller dogs his size, and is totally okay with cats (his foster mom's kitty even sleeps in the crate with Wilbur sometimes).

One last image of this precious dog:  His foster mom, Taylor, says he's so smart, and knows when it's "Adoption Day"!  He helps her put his harness and leash on, and gets very excited when they pull up to the adoption site!  Wilbur will run to his "spot", immediately sits nicely and quietly, watching everyone and looking for "his family" to come along.  Each time someone comes by to see him, he "leans" into them, looking at them with loving eyes, begging to go home with them to be their "boy"!  He also entertains them by throwing his toys around in an adorable way, then laying down close to his visitors, just to give and receive love.  WHY IN THE WORLD would you "pass by" a dog who's so smart and loving, and just begging to receive the same thing?  Don't walk by him....consider adopting this baby and giving him what he's waited and prayed for so long!  Be Wilbur's "happy ending".

If you'd like to know more about Wilbur, meet him and consider adopting him, you may contact Angels Among Us Pet Rescue by email at "Adopt@angelsrescue.org", or by visiting their website at www.angelsrescue.org.  Thank you for considering opening your home to Wilbur or any other pet through Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.

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Lee Stultz January 11, 2014 at 11:20 AM
Wilbur is a very smart,loving dog and he's a good looking dog too
kathy clock January 11, 2014 at 01:56 PM
Thank you for such a positive, non-condemning write up about Wilbur. Wish you could teach everyone in animal welfare how to be positive and put the animal first.
webmom January 21, 2014 at 11:43 AM
Wonderful story..I hope Wilbur finds a forever home soon.
Lisa Douglass January 21, 2014 at 03:52 PM
He is a handsome boy!
Dorothy January 22, 2014 at 03:24 AM
He looks so much like our Tipper.. she was a mix of yellow lab and corgie.. wish I didn't live on the west coast..


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