Voters Head to Polls Tuesday to Decide Post 3 City Council Seat

Incumbent Karen Richardson and local business woman Cori Davenport are in a run-off for the city council seat.

A voter makes her choices during the Nov. 5, 2013 municipal elections.
A voter makes her choices during the Nov. 5, 2013 municipal elections.
Johns Creek voters return to their polling precincts on Tuesday, Dec. 3, to decide on the Post 3 City Council seat.

Voters will decide between incumbent Karen Richardson and Cori Davenport, a newcomer to Johns Creek politics.

This year's hotly contested race resulted in a run-off for the Post 3 seat, with Richardson garnering 31.44 percent of the votes to Davenport's 45.68 percent. Third place finisher Nancy Reineke collected 22.59 percent of the vote.

Voters are to return to the same polling stations open during the Nov. 5 elections. Click here for a Sample Ballot. All voters who were registered to vote before the Oct. 8 deadline are eligible to vote in the Dec. 3 run-off, even if they did not vote on Nov. 5.

Voters with questions about the elections or their voter status should contact the Fulton County Department of Registration and Elections at (404) 730-7020.

Do you know how you will vote? Here is a sample of recent comments from Johns Creek residents on the two candidates.

I must comment on Karen Richardson's recent flier that was delivered to my home on Saturday. This was a mudslinging attempt to bring down Cori Davenport. I have been the President of Johns Creek Cheer for the past three years. Karen, I would urge you that before you attempt to smear people - you get your facts straight. Cori Davenport as well as ALL individuals accused in that slanderous channel 2 story were cleared by GHSA through a long investigation done by Fulton Schools. Many of the individuals and athletes alleged in for illegal recruiting are amazing individuals who have gone on to be in the Jr Olympics and recruited by top colleges. That you would go so low to send out a mailer and drag this on is sad and shows that you are not really concerned about running a clean campaign but by smearing the excellence of our local high school's acclaimed Cheer leading program and the very athletes that work so hard to put the great name of Johns Creek High School's cheer program on the map. SHAME ON YOU! If you want the facts and the redacted letter sent by GHSA please check the JCHS roster and call or email me directly. Joyce Krinsky, President JCHS Cheer. - Joyce K.

I would like Cori Davenport to explain why she located her business in Suwanee instead of Johns Creek where she lives. Also, I would like to know what volunteer positions Cori has held within the Johns Creek community and the Johns Creek schools. - JC Resident

This is the first election that I'm seriously considering a write-in vote. If I vote for Cori, it will only be because I want Karen Richardson out. At this point, with all the mud-slinging, I'm not really sure what or who to believe. I can only go with what I can see. I hate everything that Karen Richardson and the other members of the Council did to our city and against our Mayor. But I also don't think Cori Davenport is who we need representing our city. When I think of Cori, I think of expensive donations to candidates who will support her (Lenny and Bodker), advertising on expensive billboards, a twitter picture of her sitting in front of an expensive house, drinking champagne, and wearing expensive jewels (at least she removed the "Diva with Diamonds" remark), her involvement with the Real Housewives franchise, her owning a business that could be, but is not in our city, and reports that the last election was the first she's ever voted in. Our city is in need of serious work and we need serious candidates who will take everything seriously. We don't need pomp and circumstance. It makes me mad to have to vote for someone who stands for so much of what I stand against, but I will likely still do it. - Lu

I have known Karen Richardson for many years and have watched her give so much of her time to volunteer work and to Johns Creek. I was not happy with the timing of the investigation; however, I do not blame Karen. I believe Mike Bodker has probably become a typical politician - one who loves the fame and power. We need Karen on the council to balance out the new council. Cori Davenport and her followers have not answered my questions from my earlier posts. So what has Cori done for Johns Creek? Why didn't she locate her gym here? What volunteer work has she done? She did not seem very knowledgeable at the voter forum while Karen certainly did! I do not want a rich, ditsy person who seems to be all about fame and money on our city council. Karen has been an asset to our city. Let's keep her! - JC Resident

Although the investigation was poorly timed and executed and also yielded nothing, I cannot blame Karen R 100% for it. If there was corruption, we all would want to know. I will be voting for Karen Richardson, because I do think she will be the better choice. Far too many unknowns with Cori D. What is with the sudden interest in politics, when there is no voting record or attendance at meetings? Why is she donating so much money (or at all) to other candidates? This desperation/motivate is highly suspicious. If Cori is on the council, we know she is willing to whip out her checkbook to sway votes. Karen seems the better choice. Ellen Murphy

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Michael December 02, 2013 at 03:46 PM
I was going to sit out this run-off election for City Council until I returned home from visiting family over Thanksgiving and found an enlightened flyer in my mailbox. I thought we were voting in a non-partisan election, but now thanks to Cori's thorough examination of how her opponent has voted in past elections, I will now be going to the polls on Dec 3rd to vote for Karen Richardson !
mmoskal December 02, 2013 at 06:33 PM
As someone who watched Cori Davenport try and find a place to open her business in Johns Creek, let me tell you that it was close to impossible. Every possible location was shot down due to zoning, a key reason why she is running for City Council. It is easier to open an illegal massage parlor in Johns Creek then it is to open a place for kids to participate in tumbling classes. That is a problem. As far as volunteer positions, anyone with Google can look up past LSAC and PTA for our schools and see that Cori has held positions on both. The fact that there is a question about not attending council meetings is laughable as well. Ask any number of people that have been at the City Council meetings and they will tell you that Cori has been there. The fact that anyone would suggest that Cori would "whip out her checkbook to sway votes" is offensive. Karen Richardson is spreading lies in desperation to get people that voted for Nancy to vote for her. Sending slanderous mailers about underage athletes from a prominent cheerleading program is sinking to an all time low. Simple fact checking can show the true story,Cori and JCHS were cleared by Fulton County and GHSA and they will be happy to share those documents. I hope that Johns Creek residents see that these last minute efforts by Karen are malicious lies that she has generated out of desperation.
Mark E December 03, 2013 at 12:14 AM
Just got home from tonight's city council meeting where the city council in a 4-2 vote decided to place a written warning in the file of the city manager for his admitted profanity laced tirade with Johns Creek citizens. Those voting for this minor slap on the wrist were Randall Johnson, Brad Rafensperger, Ivan Figueroa, and Karen Richardson. The two voting against this slap on the wrist were Mike Bodker and Kelly Stewart who would like to see the city manager removed from office. I ask do we want people serving on the council who believe it is appropriate behavior for the city manager to mistreat citizens and suffer no consequences or do we want council members who will do right by the citizens of Johns Creek. I for one believe Karen Richardson cast one of her last votes as a member of the city council by protecting the city manager and not the citizens. It is time for a change!
Public December 03, 2013 at 02:17 AM
Mark, your news is appalling. This just reinforces my feeling that Karen Richardson acts on behalf of Karen and her cronies, not in the best interest of Johns Creek or the citizens at large. Cori Davenport is a positive force who seems to understand what the city needs. I also feel the way she maintained higher ground during the campaign, and the horrible lies put out about her, speaks volumes about her character. Lessor people would have stooped instead of standing tall. I wish Cori great success in her bid for the Post 3 council position.
Bud Micharl December 03, 2013 at 09:49 AM
Shame on Karen, Brad, Ivan and Randall. They had a chance to defend the citizens of Johns Creek and instead shamed their position. If you need another reason to vote for Cori, they gave you one last night.
se.schindler December 03, 2013 at 12:43 PM
For those voting at Mt Pisgah, the normal voting entrance is closed. You have to drive to the opposite side (east) omf the building and enter there. Terrible signage. I'm sure some people have left without voting.


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