News Nearby: Bond Denied in Child Abuse Case; Officer Honored for Saving Baby's Life

Here are some top Patch headlines not far from Johns Creek.

Bond Denied in Child Abuse Case - Dallas-Hiram Patch

The parents of the Dallas, Ga., teen who last month had been found malnourished in a Los Angeles bus station were denied bond, according to published reports.

Paul and Sheila Comer now await an Oct. 25 hearing after being denied bond during a hearing in a Paulding County courtroom Thursday.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported detectives testified that 18-year-old Mitch Comer went without contact with the outside world for years. After Paul Comer, the teen’s stepfather,allegedly put him on a bus in Mississippi after giving him cash and a list of homeless shelters, the boy was found Sept. 11 by officers who mistook him for a 12- or 13-year-old due to his size—he weighed 87 pounds and stood just over 5 feet tall. See Dallas-Hiram Patch for more on this story.

Officer Honored for Saving Baby's Life - Acworth Patch

When Acworth Police Officer Timothy Arnold arrived at a call in April to find a 15-month-old not breathing after falling nine feet, it took less than a minute for him to stabilize the child’s cervical spine and instruct the mother how to clear out the baby’s airway with a bulb syringe.

Instinct just kicked in, said the 6-year police veteran who is credited with saving the baby’s life.

“I wanted to make sure that baby was able to breathe and would be OK,” Arnold said. See Acworth Patch for more on this story.

'King and Queen' Buildings Sold - Dunwoody Patch

The landmark "King and "Queen" buildings in the Perimeter area have been sold. 

The buildings, part of the largest office complex outside the Perimeter, was bought by Atlanta-based Regent Partners Friday for $300 million from TIAA-CREF, which has been trying to sell the property. See Dunwoody Patch for more on this story.



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