Catastrophic East Coast Storm Notice

Sandy is projected to move northward and spread to the eastern Carolinas late tonight Saturday with gusts near 50 mph.

Sandy will be moving away from the Bahamas this afternoon, allowing conditions to improve in that area, according to AccuWeather.

As it moves northward, squally weather will spread to the eastern Carolinas late tonight and Saturday, with gusts near 50 mph.

This will then be a catastrophic storm for the Middle Atlantic and Northeast. It will not be a purely tropical system, with a core of powerful winds near the center, but rather more like a Nor'Easter, with strong winds over a larger area.

Damaging winds will affect areas from Virginia up into New York and New England, leading to widespread power outages and property damage.

A storm surge of 5-10 feet, perhaps higher in spots, near and north of where the center comes in will combine with astronomical high tied to lead to devastating coastal flooding, and heavy rain will lead to flooding over a large area around the storm. Heavy wet snow can be a problem for the West Virginia Mountains.

TELL US: Do you have any family or friends that will be affected by Sandy?

Editor's Note: This news forecast provided with permission by AccuWeather.com.


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