Let's Steal Away

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Ever think about escaping from reality? Would a weekend away work for you? It’s now the perfect time to break away from your normal routine, time for yourself — with or without your honey.

So why not book an overnight at a friend’s house for the kids, then book an overnight mini-vacation for you and, if you wish, your significant other at a local hotel?

Think of it, just one delicious night to relax.  Imagine — finishing that book, hanging out with friends on the net, taking a dip in the pool, ordering room service, working out in the fitness room, or even watching a good old movie — all without any interruptions.

Stop by or for a bottle of wine and, since rooms all have mini-refrigerators, pick up some decadent goodies at , , or .

Don’t you deserve it? Isn’t it time to take a mini-vacation? And one that doesn’t require the cost of traveling far? A low-cost weekend away!


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