Johns Creek Man Brings the Holiday to Your Table

Holiday Table specializes in live-fruit arrangements.

Want to decorate your dining room table for the holiday season? The new local company Holiday Table Atlanta could be of service.

“It’s a company that does specialty arrangements for the dining table,” said founder Joe Bleckley.

Holiday Table Atlanta specializes in live-fruit arrangements for festive occasions like Christmas, Hanukah, weddings or anniversaries. No artificial flowers or fruit are used. The goal is for the arrangements to be as biodegradable as possible.

Bleckley said he began making these arrangements for friends as a favor years ago. Earlier this year, unhappy as a vice-president of sales, he left his job. To make ends meet while he looked for a new job, he decided to expand what was once a hobby into a new business. Holiday Table has since grown popular, particularly in Johns Creek where he lives.

“Reception has been really, really good,” he said. “I’ve had some companies express some interest in my providing decorations for holiday parties in the month of December.”

He has bookings already, some from past clients.

All Bleckley’s arrangements are based on what fruits and vegetables are in season. To get inspiration, he visits local farmers’ markets and sees what is there that matches what the customer desires. For example, if a customer wants something purple, he might use eggplants.

Christmas is one of Bleckley’s favorite arrangements to make. It has also proven the most popular.

“The centerpieces really make a statement when people see them,” he said. “It’s all fresh fruit on wreathes and centerpieces.”

Bleckley said his work satisfied him, both doing it and seeing how it satisfies his clients. He said there is a quote out there somewhere saying people should do what they love and they’ll find happiness.

Holiday Table Atlanta can be found on Facebook here.


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