Johns Creek Teen Has Run-In With Coyote

The teen, out for an evening jog with the family dog, was surprised when the wild animal came out of the brush and attacked the pet.

Photo courtesy of Fox 5 News.
Photo courtesy of Fox 5 News.
A 16-year-old girl out for an evening jog over the weekend with the family's dog in her Johns Creek neighborhood was surprised by a coyote.

According to a Fox5 News report, the teen and her pet were pursued by a coyote while running along her neighborhood street. The girl's father, Bill Demartino, said his daughter said she "heard a rustling in the brush," then the coyote jumped out and began tussling with the family dog, Calvin

She said she first thought the animal was a German shepherd. Demartino said his daughter fought off the animal by hitting it on the head with her cell phone then ran to a neighbor's house for help.

Demartino drove to the neighbor's house to pick up his frightened daughter and their dog and was surprised to see the coyote still hanging around.

"The coyote came running up to the car," said Demartino. "He was looking at us ... I was staring this thing right in the face."

Thankfully neither the teen or her dog were injured. "It was pretty incredible," said Demartino who added that his daughter had no interest in running at night anymore.

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Fran Armstrong December 03, 2013 at 01:06 PM
I was surprised to see an Urban Coyote on a front yard on Todd Place in Douglasville. At first I thought it was a dog but something just didn't look right, then I realized it was a coyote. Word of advice, don't leave your dogs especially small and medium size dogs in your yard without being supervised. To coyotes, they are a food source.
Atlanta Owner December 04, 2013 at 02:39 AM
Next question: Other reports have specified the girl was out jogging after dark. Why are parents allowing their 16 year old daughter to be out jogging after dark by herself, anyway (??)... having an old family dog with you is not "protection", by the way. In those reports, it says the Coyote came up to the Dog and "wrestled" with it, and the Dog was not hurt, nor was the girl when she struck the Coyote with her phone. If this had been an "attack", the Dog would have been seriously injured or worse, as would the girl. While Coyotes are wild animals you should never, EVER, try to interact with them - there have been cases of more docile ones approaching dogs or people to "play" or interact, and I'm guessing this was an odd encounter, but not an attack - once again, this doesn't mean you should try to pet or entice one over to you, either. But again - the whole Coyote encounter pales in comparison to the parents who are allowing their 16 year old to jog at night!


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