Damaged Doggie Heart in Need of Love

Digby is available for adoption through Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.

Introducing Digby, a male, purebred, parti-coloored Cocker Spaniel who is between 4 and 5 years old.  Digby is neutered, microchipped, up-to-date on shots and vetting, and is more than ready to find his perfect "forever" home and family. Digby is house-trained but might experience a few mishaps in the beginning, until he is comfortable in his new home and surroundings.

Digby is a poor soul who had a very rough start in life and is seeking a very special soul who will see him not only for what he is, but all he can be again, given time and love and patience. 

This poor boy has permanent hearing loss because of the mistreatment he suffered from his previous owner who hit Digby repeatedly, left him alone for days at a time and did not see to proper vetting of his pet. 

Digby was literally abandoned at a boarding facility when his owner never returned for him – a blessing in disguise for this precious dog who had horrible ear infections at the time that had been left untreated, causing his hearing loss. 

Because of Digby's hearing loss, his foster family does not put him in a crate; rather, they use a puppy pen so he doesn't feel confined and can see out, but what he loves more than anything is his dog bed and he sleeps there next to his foster's bed at night. 

He is a good boy and usually sleeps well through the night in his bed. The good news is Digby went through extensive surgeries and is finally out of pain with his beautiful ears. And the better news is to see him and be with him, you'd never know he has hearing loss because he watches you very well and can even hear his squeaky toys, which he adores. 

Digby ignores cats in his foster home and is fine with other dogs but is equally okay with being the only pet in the home. The thing he totally adores is people, but Digby would do best in a home with no children. 

Since he has a history of mistreatment and abuse, he can be snappy if backed into a corner, becomes frightened, or scared. It isn't Digby's fault - he now carries the emotional baggage of his abusive treatment but is working really hard to overcome his fears of being hurt and abused again by humans. 

This will be a special area that Digby's new home and owners will need to have patience with, especially in the beginning, as he will need time to become adjusted to his new home environment and new family. 

But with love, patience, understanding and support, Digby will reward you with lots of love and kisses. Digby's ideal home would be either a single female or couple with no young children. Any minor in the home would need to be old enough to understand his special needs and to be gentle in their approach toward him, especially in the beginning of the new bonding process. 

This beautiful boy would thrive having someone home either part or most of the day with him. Digby would also do well with a calm, non-aggressive dog in the home. 

What precious Digby needs most is a caring, understanding soul who will respect all this boy has been through, the damage it has caused him physically and emotionally, and will be patient with him - giving him the best gift of all: time to learn to love and trust a human again. 

This damaged little soul needs someone who will love and care for him all the time - even when he's scared, snappy and untrusting of his surroundings and circumstances. 

The greatest gift for Digby would be to receive consistency and security - two things he hasn't had much of in his short, rough life.  Won't you be that special one to reach out to this precious, damaged but beautiful soul today? 

If you'd like to know more about little Digby, contact Angels Among Us Pet Rescue via email at Inquiry@angelsrescue.org.  If you'd like to see the other pets who are currently up for adoption through Angels Among Us, visit www.angelsrescue.org/adoptables.asp

Become a fan and follower of Angels on Facebook at www.facebook.com/angelsrescue.


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