Johns Creek "Thank You" Pot Luck Jamboree

I have been a resident here for 20 years and entirely all the City of Johns Creek's existence; and proud of it! Yesterday while having breakfast at Loren's Café on Jones Bridge, four people at the adjacent table were re-living the ice storm. One gentlemen was retired but currently a school bus driver and he went into details about his 12-13 hour experience getting his precious cargo delivered.
As I left I apologized for eavesdropping, but wanted to thank him for all he did. He was somewhat surprised as he said, "You are the first 'stranger 'to do so". I got to thinking about all the 'heroes' that have surfaced and have now slipped back into obscurity. In addition to school bus drivers we had teachers, police, fire, EMS workers, medical staff, store clerks, hotel workers, restaurants, grocery stores and just plain good guys and gals who, without asking or being forced into, "assumed the role of "Hero De Jour". 
Wouldn't it be nice if the rest of us would take the time and effort to have a spontaneous "Thank You" gathering such as an old fashioned barn raising, where  everybody brings a dish for Appreciation Day?
I really believe that Johns Creek is the type of Community where this can be done, and who knows, spill over to an annual  event where we get to know each other.
Whatda think? Many, many total strangers were their brother's keepers last week.

Eternal Optimist.


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